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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 1, 2015 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 we believe the unbeaten temple owls or taking on the fighting irish notre dame at the link. this is natasha brown this will be the biggest win in the history of temple program. the owls are hanging tough they are trailing by 7 early in the
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quart. where he's been all afternoon and all evening actually tell us all about the excitement out there hey steve. >> reporter: we, we believe natasha it is unbelievable. are you kid ripping dipping me temple possibly about to score in the fourth quarter to tie things with notre dame it will be the biggest win in temple history. we spoke with fans all day long as they were tailgating getting ready for at the date of their lives. from game day to game time, students representing philly on a national stage. ♪. >> reporter: no matter the outcome, saturday already going down is one of the grand defendant in school history starting bright and early with game day snapping self fees, cooking up very creative signs.
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at tailgate time notre dame fans made presence known as the folks got bowl. >> it's going to be 24 to 10 temple winning. >> we have too much talent we are more of a top class school. >> talking about temple not notre dame right. >> reporter: right shawn ma kin knee graduated from both schools. >> i can't lose that's my thing, how many games do you get to attend in your life where applaud the outcome of every play? >> reporter: and bit game finally under way fans outside hoping to win but happy just to have a day like this. win or lose the are you proud. >> always proud no matter what win or lose i am ride or die temple owl and i love it: here's a life look at the link this is my view talk about nose bleed seats i'd give anything to
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be inside the stadium looks like temple may be threatening to score here in the you recall fourth quarter. some exciting times for temple football. we are biting our nails. i'm hoping i am hoping that we can report to you that temple will pull a way with the victory. for now we are life outside the linc steve patterson cbs3 eyewitness news. >> i hope so they're so close thank you so much. its been a chilly halloween warmer temperatures are right around the corner. first look at the for raft hey lauren. hey we are still holding at 50 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia. temperatures cooling up especially in blue bell 43 degrees. free in princeton. 47 inclines port. high temperature today only 58 degrees. we actual cool that much through the evening. 52 right now in philadelphia at the airport 46.
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millville chillier in trenton 4. showing high mid level cloud color that has been stream mink in over the last several hours. a little bit of moisture starting to work in trying to push into the lehigh valley a lot of those returns, most of that probably not hitting the surface we are dealing with upper level disturbance. could be enough for a shower first forecast clouds around maybe a lingering shower till the nine clock hour. up to near 60 degrees by 11:00 hour. rain chance starts to diminish, we will is he breaks in the clouds as we head into the afternoon. tomorrow we are going to warm things up. a warm streak in store for next week talking about a stretch of 70s in notify -- stretch of 70s in november i'll talk about that. >> trick or treater told to take caution after dangerous flooding in that area up to eight inches of rain dumped in that area.
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at least 5 people died because of the flooding that began with rain. and quickly move east into houston. eyewitness heard screams of terror 3 people are dead after a car crashes into a crowd of trick or treater in new york city tonight. reporter dave carlin has the story. >> reporter: we heard boom boom boom the cars hitting each other the car flying and then we were hearing scream. >> witnesses say the black sedan went airborne into the sidewalk and crashed through a fence. on morris park avenue near bogart just before 5 p.m.. >> went up on the sidewalk. >> a brick wall adjoining a house struck sick, sick struck plus the driver of the car. >> reporter: at the time this area was busy with adults and children some in costume for halloween. >> i saw the cops come up here. >> it was horrible ma'am.
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>> reporter: the driver is a among those hospitalized at the medical center. survivors two young girls the 63 year old driver who may have suffered a seizure in moments up to the crash. in the bronx dave carlin for cbs news. authorities feel they have found remains of the ship. it was located about 16 thousand feet under water using so march technology. that ship sank up the coast of bahamas during humid humid. the 33 crew members on board all died. now to the latest on the disaster in diswise a plane bound for russia crashed shortly after take up from egypt today killing all 224 people on board. metro jet went up course and disa period from radar about 20 minutes into the flight. military search helicopters later spotted wreck catch.
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vest gays determining cause of the crash have recovered blacks box. >> senate initial report represent tremendous tragedy and loss. we extend our sympathies to the families and all those concerned. >> isis has claimed responsibility but provided no evidence and are not known to have the capability to bring down a plane at those heights. a rutgers university student is charged with stabbing two people in a dormitory this happened on the college avenue campus in new brunswick friday evening. 18 year old daniel attacked a student an violations tore during an argument in the lobby. faces attempted murder and other charges. violence comes just ahead of president obama visit to the new york campus and monday. west philly a program peas artists fell 30 feet into the crowd at universe soul
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circumstance can you say. it happened near the man music sent at 50 second and parkside just after 5:30. the 19 year old suffered a lower back injury and is expected to make a recovery. no one in the crowd was injured scaws is still under investigation. serious injuries today to the driver of a van that crashed into a house. this all happened at the kensington avenue in philadelphia. the driver of that van was rushed to temple university o hospital in serious condition. l and i is now aware of the crash. because of the significant damage to the structure. also, a car, hit utility pole and knocks power lines on to a home in north philadelphia. it happened on the 30 hundred block of page streak. the homeowner says the car struck the utility pole about 4 clock this morning and just kept going. no one were you injured. right now crews are on the scene replacing the pole. police have not located the car. a big time nfl player is
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leading a clash action law suit against, washington wide receiver filed a suit yesterday the maryland court it alleges that he is profiting up players like necessary without compensation on behalf of all nfl players who a period on nfl roster since 2013. he has responded to the lawsuit in a statement reading in part, quote we believe this suit is without merit. there is established law that fantasy officers may use. rival draft king already has an agreement with nfl player's association. local church giving out some kindness this halloween. trinity children chain chapel in soul new jersey participate tinned a gas by down. they actually took 50 cents up the price of a gas per gallon at a local station. 500 people filled up cost ting the church about 3 thousand
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dollars. the church also provided water bottles and soft pretzels for all of those who attended. very spooky night at the philadelphia film festival at prince theater with ukee washington for the screening of his classic horror movie scream. after the screening the actor and median participated in a question and answer session. >> it's almost 20 years i, because i figured this was a good movie. kind of reinvest ted the engine a, you know, unfortunately, west died this year just a good movie jot film festival wraps up tomorrow in philadelphia. local kids put creativity, ukee washington was there he's a very busy man he actually judged the whole thing earlier this afternoon after the event ended the kids got to go trick or treating in dover mall looks
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like everybody had a great time probably good some great candy as well. stay with us everyone. tonight crews are working definitely enter gent l to save awhile tangled up and in trouble up the west coast the very latest in the effort to free the whale before too late. what is the skull shaped space object passing by earth tonight? >> we've got the answer, lauren. first week of november is upon us it is going to be feeling more like late september. how many days we'll spend in the 70s that's coming up in your eyewitness weather forecast. temple owls they are still fighting tonight against notre dame. they just tied it up, everybody. look at how happy our control room is. there we go. go owls. we'll be back in a
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>> right now trying to save a well in new port beach california the giant ma'am mal
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was first spotted by whale badgers yesterday. wrapped in a line with lobster attached to it. crews tried to free the whale but every time they got close it would dive deeper into the water they will attempt to rescue again tomorrow. also today helicopter carried away the remaining section of the blimp that crashed. crews pulled it out of the trees in mustn't see lehigh county officials still don't know how it broke free from a maryland military facility. now just in time for halloween spooky object passes by earth. here is a new anna mason of it actually it looks like a school. nasa says this is actually a dead couple hit they named it spooky an appropriate l so. agency was able to capture brand new anna masons of spooky thanks
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to conservator. them can't explain this erie resemblance to a human face. putting on fake cat ears and maybe telephone horns that's over. japan upped the an tea becoming world wide champion of wean wine at least in terms of costumes. thousands dressed up for a big halloween celebration in tokeyo the japanese stretched halloween into a full week of events including parades and costume contest of course. back here at home a big crowd turns out for unique halloween party in south philly. ♪ >> magic gardens hosted first black magic, everyone was decked out in their best costumes. west philadelphia or ka stray provided music. lots of fun in philadelphia head house, on second street between pine and south.
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fall first at a val had tricks and treats for kids and adults alike. fun included live music, shopping a hey maze and great food of course hi there. trick or treating multiple businesses for children who attended as well. ? >> jefferson hospital neonatal intensive care unit held an annual ruin. there are arts and crafts and other activities for graduates of the nicu hundreds attended including someone very special who spent time in nicu you probably know him best as phillies little good luck charm. >> good to be a part of a great community to see where the kids were born and where they are now p i'm really happy because of the doctors and nurses here at jefferson. we love tim me kelly of course tim me is a good luck charm whenever he sanction national anthem for the eagles they win got following to get
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him out there more. most of the gobelins are in bed unless the sugar is keeping them away. our viewers are sending great halloween photos. we so appreciate it. you can send yours as well using hash tack cbs3. students at 10 knell school made a music video to walking with the ghost. ♪ ♪ >> well the kids actually wrote the scary seen that unfolded the have it i don't. they did a great job and i'm a little scared. aren't you, lauren? we love ghosts and smiles. hopefully little once are in bed they probably got lots of candy to eat. good day for trick or treating temperatures aren't too bad you can get out there and get a lot of candy as we head
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into this evening. conditions are going to stay quiet we do have a chance of a sprinkle late tonight. dry i go is we get a live look at sky couple 3 some of the buildings lit up in red and white for the temple owls we are going to stay dry for the next self hours. we could see a sprinkle late and possibly a shower to start up or morning don't cancel outdoor plans. chance of a shower really only before the 11:00 our then real drying out as we head into tomorrow afternoon. possible shower chance on monday as well mainly for philadelphia and points southwards some model keeping us completely dry across the area on monday and then we do stay dry as we head into midweek and warm up significantly for with a streak of 70s in store. but of course overnight tonight set the clocks back, change the clocks officially at 2:00 before you go to bed. tomorrow it's going to be an
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hour earlier setting before the 5:00 hour. i know the sun comes up around 6:30 tomorrow morning. clouds over the last several hours mid and high level clouds more in the way of a thick bigger cloud west moisture building in showers working in across south central pens. we are seeing disturbance that will pass through and bring a chance of sprinkle late tonight. minimal cooling throughout the evening hours. still at 52 degrees in philadelphia. 47 in trenton at the shore points still up into the low 50s. winds not a problem either wind calm to light right now. you do notes southerly compone enter meant to wind flow help usher in warmer air as we head into the day tomorrow. high temperatures be on the order by tomorrow afternoon and overnight tonight temperatures stay stable. 49 degrees. mostly cloudy with a sprinkle.
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possible light shower as we head into early morning hours to home. up to 68 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. future satellite and radar showing us few showers trying to break out in the morning hours. but most of the energy will stay up to the north. most of the moisture as well. as we head into afternoon hours we will see clouds decreasing. clearing out nicely into tomorrow evening. we'll watch the system up to the south this as system in question for possible rain full into monday. this particular model called r p.m. not bringing participation shield into the delaware valley on most others or bringing some of that rainfall up mainly across portions of southern new jersey possibly into philadelphia. keep an eye on that. for tomorrow not much to see with passing shower chance minimal at best. it is not going to be a soccer for tomorrow but we do have a
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chance. a light shower in the morning hours otherwise partial clearing as head into the afternoon. high temperature more mild around 68 degrees. mid 60 monday. showers mainly to the south. bright sunshine returns to tuesday. check out the high temperatures. this is the first week of november. highs should be 60 degrees. we'll be at 70 for tuesday, 73 degrees by wednesday keeping it there on thursday. friday looks great as well. still in the 70s 4 contains the 70s. >> wow, that's a welcome change. turn the clock back fall back. fall back. >> there you go. >> big game i don't know what's happening. >> thank you thank you for the update. we are talking about sports penn state won today. they're quarterback did something that hasn't been done in more than 10 years of the
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court
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>> temple really holding their own, done. they are absolutely getting it done this is fun pho watch last time notre dame lost in philadelphia it was 55 years ago. it might be more trick or treat. the temple owls are giving the irish all they can handle right now. a record crowd for temple right now. more than 69 thousand. owls on top 20 to 17. they've out scored notre dame by 10 points in this fourth quarter. they've also forced two turn overs and got a 36 yard field goal to make it 20 to 17. all right we move on now as we talk about penn state football. sometimes its not what you do. its how you do it. penn state had a 6 and two record entering the day. but none of their wins have been all that impressive s nail wider
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don't urge spire confidence. thorough beat downs to. enter today's match up against illinois happy valley looking to silence the critics at happy valley people have been very critter tell of them. 6 nothing penn state. later in the quarter, not done. hooked up with gino lewis the jr. was 21 f 29 for 2 # 6 yards 12 nothing nittany lions. halloween penn state decides to go on with a trick, christian is the first to catch a touchdown since michael robinson in 2004 they crush illinois. >> in a some guys are, pro style passers, some are dual threat passers some guys hurt you in all 3 faces. they can hurt you with his legs, hurt you as a receiver, hurt you
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as a passer awesome. let's head up to providence where pen took on brown pen up 14 to 7. 13 yards, next quicker possession again pass complete to eric, that's a two yard score pen with a 4828 victory. villanova via took on main, pass complete to erin wells, watch his arm, get out of my way. stays his stays inbounds and scores. grit drive determination nova 13 to 3 win. on to the nba nobody likes empty promises, sixers coach knows it. too bad it's not something we want to hear. brown promised his 0 and two team would have a lot of heart ache. so far it is true. and there's more to come.
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they host la brown and the, cavs monday night. buffalo orange and black started out slow and never recovered. they scored first 3 goals and beat the fly guys for the second time in 5 days. 3 to one was your final. they face monday night in van occur. triple crown champion classic by 6 and a half, and his final race before retirement 20 deep all along the rail cheer ring and snapping cell phone photos the super star host the first sweep of kentucky dure beand belmont in 37 years this prescription. also we do have, notre dame just regained the lead over temple. so it's going down the wire in the fourth carter. >> okay. all right. we believe
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>> welcome back many dressed up in full armour but not for halloween eyewitness news in logan township new jersey. these participants from all over the country are swinging actions and swords competing for a spot on the us team called the usa nights. there were one-on-one
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>> well that's eyewitness news tonight. thank you forging us. if you are up early we are up 6 am. have a great night cbs .com. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. >> hi, everybody. i'm deborah norville. and i've got breaking news from the world of skincare. this time, there's a celebrity twist. keep watching. you are not gonna want to miss this. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: if you don't like the face staring back at you in the mirror... >> my skin was sagging. really heavy bags under my eyes. >> announcer: ...if age, sun, stress, and life have robbed you of smooth, young-looking skin... >> i don't want to go and get injections, but i thoughth


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